About Urban Ruler

I came up with the idea of the calculation after noticing how many media stories compared facts and figures with a series of what I realised were becoming “alternative” or “urban” standard units of measurement – football pitches, double decker buses etc.

I realised I could use the idea to build a fun little app that allowed people to convert “real” values into these urban measurements.

The app is now available on both iPhone/iPod Touch iOS7, and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). ┬áThe app is intended as a piece of fun, I’ve referenced in the “Info” page where I got the facts and figures from and it goes without saying that you should use the app in the spirit it was intended and certainly not rely on it for any accuracy if you job/reputation/relationship or career depends on it!

Please feel free to get in touch with any comments or feedback on the app, either as a review in the AppStore, or (especially if a negative comment) through the form on this site where it will give me a chance to respond to comments and perhaps even come up with some improvements.

I already have some changes planned for a future iteration, including pinch/zoom on the resulting animation, and also better formatting/layout of the final result, so feel free to send me your ideas.

The new measurement app for iPhone and Android